Category: Monthly Reports

This month we start a two-part series looking at changing patterns in how consumers from both islands are spending their hard-earned incomes. This month we look at how South Island consumers are splashing their cash, and how they are making decisions in the marketplace about how best to allocate their spending. as well as adapting […]

For a number of months, even years, takeaways have become a mainstay of the top growth categories in our weekly and monthly consumer spending report. What could have been a short term trend has turned into a long term expectation, as takeaways continue to beat their already high consumer spending results. Over the last 12 […]

The first term school holidays this year look to have been a relatively quiet affair, despite once again including more trading days than last year. Total spending over the 16 day Saturday-Sunday period (illustrated in the chart below) increased 1.5%. This was largely a result of the inclusion of Easter Sunday last year – a […]

Easter is traditionally a big long weekend for spending, as retailers and consumers alike take advantage of the opportunity for a sale. Incorporating two non-trading days (in most areas) also means the inevitable frenzy on supplies as Kiwis stock up for family road trips. This month, we are only measuring spending over the first half […]

  Since the beginning of 2017, we have seen overseas department stores facing a number of challenges. Early last year, well known U.S. department stores J.C. Penney, Sears and Macy’s all announced plans to close hundreds of stores. On top of closures, Macy’s has been expanding their discount format in place of full price offerings, […]

With Christmas and New Year out of the way, many Kiwis take the first week or two of January to enjoy the sunshine and head off on holiday. We wanted to take a look at where the top spots were around the country, and how Kiwis were spending their money on their summer roadies. KIWIS […]