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The second half of the year has gotten off to a slightly busier start than the first half, with spending up 3.1% on a year prior, and transactions up a similar 3.2%. Fuel had another quarter of high prices, bumping up total spending growth to 4.5% when included, and transactions slightly up to 3.5%. Despite […]

This month has been dominated by talks that the White House is attempting to punish China for what it sees as unfair trade policies and manipulation of their currency to make their imports relatively cheaper than US-made goods in the American domestic market. Posturing between the US and China threatens to freeze trade and capital […]

This month, our analytics team has explored how the supply of takeaways from a constantly changing range of merchants is fueling the Kiwi love for takeaways. Growth in online shopping has seen durable goods such as clothing and electronics become more competitive. This has seen a decreasing share of New Zealanders spending going towards these […]

May saw the 2018 Budget announced, the first for this Labour led government. We took a look at what this may mean for both the supply and demand side of consumer spending, as targeted funding pumps new money into the regions. In Budget 2018 the government put aside $1 billion dollars for a new Provincial […]

The economic news of the last month have been dominated by the first murmurings of action from global policy makers, which will lead to a higher interest rate environment for at least the next 3-5 years. Interest rates have a huge impact on the local consumer and their ability to spend – or rather their […]

This quarter our MD, Stephen Bridle, responds to the government’s recent announcement of the ‘Amazon Tax’, and what it will mean for the currently challenged retail environment. Earlier this week the government announced its intention to collect GST on all goods purchased online from overseas merchants.  While praised by retailers and those in the industry, […]