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The second half of the year has gotten off to a slightly busier start than the first half, with spending up 3.1% on a year prior, and transactions up a similar 3.2%. Fuel had another quarter of high prices, bumping up total spending growth to 4.5% when included, and transactions slightly up to 3.5%. Despite […]

New Zealand is becoming an increasingly desirable place to holiday. At its current pace, the tourism industry looks like it will shatter its 2025 target of being a $41b industry (as targeted by Tourism Industry Aotearoa). A key component of this target is the spending that visitors do while holidaying, particularly international visitors. For the […]

2018 has seen the price New Zealanders pay for fuel at the pump increase 35cpl, a jump of 17% in less than a year. Although fuel prices have already been widely discussed in the media, we wanted to unpack why we have experienced such an extreme rise in prices, and how it is impacting Kiwis […]

This month we continue our look at the differences in spending between regions in the North Island. On 1 July Aucklanders started paying an extra 11.5 cents per litre for fuel, following the introduction of a new tax designed to boost funds for regional transport projects. This is on top of already above average fuel […]

This month has been dominated by talks that the White House is attempting to punish China for what it sees as unfair trade policies and manipulation of their currency to make their imports relatively cheaper than US-made goods in the American domestic market. Posturing between the US and China threatens to freeze trade and capital […]

This month we start a two-part series looking at changing patterns in how consumers from both islands are spending their hard-earned incomes. This month we look at how South Island consumers are splashing their cash, and how they are making decisions in the marketplace about how best to allocate their spending. as well as adapting […]

This month, our analytics team has explored how the supply of takeaways from a constantly changing range of merchants is fueling the Kiwi love for takeaways. Growth in online shopping has seen durable goods such as clothing and electronics become more competitive. This has seen a decreasing share of New Zealanders spending going towards these […]

The second quarter of 2018 saw spending continue on a similar trend to earlier in the year, up 2.2% on the same period in 2017 (excluding fuel). When including fuel, spending increased 3.0%. The volume of transactions increased 3.2% on the second quarter of 2017, when both including and excluding fuel from the results. Spending […]

News on the state of the New Zealand economy came out this month with the first quarter GDP statistics released. GDP for the quarter ending 31 March 2018 was announced at $270b, 0.5% above the last quarter, a solid but unspectacular level of growth. Meanwhile, annual growth for March 2018 was 2.7%, slower than the […]

As online shopping’s popularity continues to grow, the concept of a shopping mall seems to contradict everything consumers seek from online – limited hours, small range of shops, and difficult access through usually limited parking. However a number of shopping malls around the country see potential in the mall format, and are expanding their offering […]