Marketview is New Zealand’s market intelligence specialist.

We provide your organisation with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions based on what your business, your consumers, your market and your competitors are doing.

Through Marketview’s analytics you can gain deep insights into consumer trends, sector, store or town centre performance, campaign or event analysis, and market performance, to make informed decisions based on what’s happening right now.


  • The spending part

    The consumer buys a product or service using their debit/credit card.

  • Personal details removed

    All personal information is removed from transaction records, and remaining details of the purchase is entered into Marketview’s database.

  • Capturing the right information

    Marketview’s team runs queries on the database based on the client’s brief, building a strong picture of performance, growth, and challenges.

  • Making sense of it all

    Our team then analyses and reports on the data, providing our clients with the knowledge they need to measure true market performance and inform strategic decisions.


Businesses today are awash with customer information. You will know who they are, when they shop, and what they buy. You can contact customers directly through a range of channels and measure their response to these communications.

And while this activity provides a rich understanding of your customers’ relationship with you, it can’t tell you how valuable this relationship is, or how it measures against your competitors’.

At Marketview, we can see consumers total spending across all retail and service categories. This means we are uniquely placed to assist businesses understand the strength of their customer relationships. We know the full value of their wallet, and at which of your competitors they are spending their money.

We understand how their spending relates to their lifestyle, their work and home locations, and their life-stage.

With more than 15 years of spending trends to draw from, our team can help you identify opportunities for improving customer value, and market growth.

We can help you get to know your customers like never before.