Month: September 2018

This month we continue our look at the differences in spending between regions in the North Island. On 1 July Aucklanders started paying an extra 11.5 cents per litre for fuel, following the introduction of a new tax designed to boost funds for regional transport projects. This is on top of already above average fuel […]

This month has been dominated by talks that the White House is attempting to punish China for what it sees as unfair trade policies and manipulation of their currency to make their imports relatively cheaper than US-made goods in the American domestic market. Posturing between the US and China threatens to freeze trade and capital […]

This month we start a two-part series looking at changing patterns in how consumers from both islands are spending their hard-earned incomes. This month we look at how South Island consumers are splashing their cash, and how they are making decisions in the marketplace about how best to allocate their spending. as well as adapting […]