Category: Seasonal Trends

2018 got off to a relatively healthy start for consumer spending, up 2.4% on the same period a year prior, while transactions increased 3.5%. When excluding fuel and automotive spending, spending growth only fluctuated slightly to 2.1%, suggesting fuel prices are no longer playing the role in consumer spending growth that we saw in 2017. […]

Easter is traditionally a big long weekend for spending, as retailers and consumers alike take advantage of the opportunity for a sale. Incorporating two non-trading days (in most areas) also means the inevitable frenzy on supplies as Kiwis stock up for family road trips. This month, we are only measuring spending over the first half […]

With Christmas and New Year out of the way, many Kiwis take the first week or two of January to enjoy the sunshine and head off on holiday. We wanted to take a look at where the top spots were around the country, and how Kiwis were spending their money on their summer roadies. KIWIS […]